Fitness after you are fifty – it just starts then!

In  my thirties, very occupied with sports. With my then boyfriend I was cycling, jogging everyday and practising gymnastic. Then I lived in Vienna and I had a child. After the child was two years old I started to go to fitness every day. Sometimes I was three hours there. My mother-in-law bought me a year ticket.
So… I was really really fit and loved my body because of it very much. First I was going walking and running and then I went to sauna. In the meantime I divorced my first husband and I got a second one. I soon became pregnant with a second and third child and I was pregnant a fourth time. I was so overwhelmed with kids, that I can’t possibly explain. Soon I became fat, I didn’t have any time for myself. It was very hard till the kids went to kindergarten. Believe me – this goes soo quick!
I divorced for a second time and we moved to Ljubljana. But I couldn’t start with sport just like that. I went to the woods in the vicinity, where I jogged 15 years before every day. I couldn’t even move… It was different. All around were people with dogs. Before, it was very rare to see somebody walking a dog there.
Then I moved to my mothers and close by they opened a modern fitness center. I was shocked, because this was just my wish coming true! I started to go there in March two years ago. In March and April I was just running on a big
treadmill running machine and on the bicycle, but I was soon tired and bored with it. In twenty minutes I had enough. I think that I started with group exercises in May. I weighed around 85 kilos. I was so big, that I had problems to lean forward. It’s strange, but I never ate a lot and I didn’t eat in the afternoon, but still I was so fat. This is because I hated myself for being fat. But I collected the courage to start with group exercising. I was not frightened by the fact that I was the only person around fifty and all others were girls in their twenties. Some were in their thirties, but rarely any in late forties like me.
I was doing pilates and yoga and I started with body pump in June and July. I went every day to exercise except on Saturday when there was no group exercising. In November the guy who was very dear to me came and started to lead exercises which was exactly what I wanted from fitness. My exercising became ecstatical. Luka, our trainer is also a dancer and singer and he transformed our sessions into something like going to a disco in my twenties. Did you guys go to disco clubs? I went there in my twenties at least once a week. There was good music and there I could just run away from the cold, frozen outside world. I enjoyed and loved the music. I always felt in kind of a trance
there. I didn’t need anybody else, I didn’t need drugs – I never took them anyway. Alcohol I didn’t used for discos, I used it to be able to communicate with other people, not for dancing. I didn’t need anything, just music.
And so I go on my fitness “disco” with Luka. Also sometimes music he and others use is from the eighties, remixed or the same as it was played when I was going to the disco. These gym exercises are much better, because I have disco every day! I enjoy it so much! I love it so much! Especially these ones with “my” Luka. He has such an energy. He looks so good. His moves are so sexy! He is just getting wild on a stepper and doing choreography and I have a feeling that I am not just in a disco, but on a stage somewhere… or… in a disco.
Regarding my body, I lost something like ten kilos, but my stomach was still big. Then … last July they closed the building for renovation. They built a swimming pool in the basement. I had half a year break. I did some exercises at home on the floor. Actually you can “open” a gymnastic programme on youtube. There is everything on youtube. I did a week or two, then I became lazy again. I also have weights and stepper at home. But I never use them.
I need my group.
So… I am back at Lukas for one week again. Everything is just fine. He probably noticed that my stomach became bigger but didn’t say anything. I am just so happy that this fitness exists, that Luka exists and that I can go there every day. Life doesn’t end at fifty. Really not! I will take care of my body. I will start with raw food… Can’t wait how I will look at my seventies!
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