From prison to vortex

I was in a self – inflicted prison since I returned to my mother’s flat. For four years I didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t go anywhere for my four birthdays, nor for four New Years, neither for four summer vacations. The first year I actually had double the amount of money than I have now. Then I was gradually loosing money until two years ago my ex husband stopped paying his alimony.

I was all the time on the computer. Sometimes the computer broke down. So I read books. And started writing my own books, which I never finished and never published. Everything is just there, open, not concluded. This was a period when I actually persuaded myself that my life is over and I live just because I have to be here because of my kids.
This started to change when I came on twitter and start to think “out of the box”. I actually always thought “out of the box”, that’s why I went to study scientology after I finished my studies. Because I was thinking “out of the box” other people judged me, so I closed myself in a box again and imprisoned myself.
When I was inside scientology, I didn’t talk to people outside scientology, because of the fear of lack of understanding. When I was outside scientology, I didn’t talk about it because…
I was always kind of ”in prison”.
The breakthrough for me was Abraham teachingand recognizing that we are the creators of our reality and that we can get everything that we desire if we “get into” the right vibration. We have to go in the “vortex” which means the higher vibration of what we are and milk it while we are“in”. And every day will be a little better, a little easier for us.
I watched people and how they live their lives. Most people come from work at home and watch TV till they fall asleep. Those who are not working, watch TV whole day.
I noticed on Saturdays whenever I went to the nearby market place, people were sitting all over around the tables at our local pubs, so eager to talk with each other. There were lots of people sitting on the ground on a sunny day, just to be there in company with each other. People nowadays are so lonely. We are craving for company. We are craving for joy, for association with others, for talking, singing, dancing… all these things that we
did when we were young and have almost forgot.
I also noticed, when I was without a computer, that this is a very important thing – for people to connect when they don’t have the internet for some reason. There is a public library that has free computers which I used, when my computer was broken. It is a big building where all people are coming to get books, but also to talk to each other. I just got an idea, that I would like to have such a big house, where people would be welcome to come and to associate with each other. Not just that, there will be a dance school, a theater, a sports hall – not just for people in their twenties, but for all people, also people from 70 years and on.
In my house, which I named Vortex (in Slovenian: Vrtinec), there will be free water and internet connection for everyone. We will collect food and those who could not afford it will get it for free,
On the ground floor there will be a big cafe-house which will be open every day till midnight and there will be a stage where everybody could show their talent.
Singing will not be prohibited, but encouraged. Around the house there is a big garden, where we will plant beautiful plants and exhibit beautiful statues. Also we will have special rooms for meditation and for lectures where people will help other people to overcome their personal, financial and other problems.
People will be welcome in my house. The door will be open for anyone who needs help. If for nothing else but to talk.
This is my vision of my future and it feels great for me. It feels so me. My whole body is warm when I think about my house and I can think about it over and over again. It’s kind of heaven on Earth, the kind of dream that hippies were dreaming of.
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