How to get rid of Oliver

I was a Muse to my boyfriend who made all my pictures in the beginning of 1990. My life was full of praising my beauty. But I felt kind of empty and boring. I wanted more from life. We were for five years together or something.
In between I went to Vienna to study scientology. My boyfriend Oliver didn’t understand what I wanted there. He was against me being there and was making such a drama, when I went there. My heart was falling apart from saddness, but I had a feeling that I have to go. It was kind of “calling”. I was also disappointed when I arrived in Vienna  and it was not like I had in my head.
He was writing me countless letters in Vienna how he misses me and how I have to come home. He was calling me on the telephone for hours and I was crying because of this…So… I returned from Vienna. Not just because
of him, but also because of him. I lived in his house. I found a job, he was working. We were living together and when we were not working, we were partying, singing, he was painting, I was studying scientology from books, we were doing lots of sports. But life was kind of boring, although there was lots of exciting things. I didn’t know what to do with him. He told me lots of times, that we should marry. But Oliver was not the kind of person I would marry.
He was very nice. Yes, he made lots of portraits of me and these beautiful pictures, but he was kind of a brother to me… or better… my son. Weird, but when I think of him, I think I was, again, with him to escape from my family and just to “spent time with somebody”. He was my second “real” boyfriend. I never betrayed him like I betrayed my first boyfriend, but I was in love with others in my head.
There was one artist who came to Slovenia and was cool just because he was from US. “All” the girls felt in love with him. When he was in Ljubljana,he played his show. At his house he was “nobody”. Here he was “somebody.” Of course I felt in love with him. But he kind of didn’t like me.
So then it happens, that I went to visit him in the US. It was in May 1993. I was one month there at his mother’s place and around the area. I also slept with my family who lived near there (my grandmother’s sisters). There was nothing with him. He had a girl friend and didn’t want to show me any interest. Actually – I don’t know what would have happened if he did… Maybe I would not be hot anymore for him. Or maybe I would have stayed there… The thing is, that I had a two week romance with his best friend. He was a rich Italian living there. He actually wanted me to stay there or to come back.
But the whole trip then I see now was like a trip to get rid of Oliver. I went home at the end of May and I told Oliver that it’s over. I betrayed him and I couldn’t be with him anymore. I think that we slept together just once. Then I took my things from his house and I moved back to my mother’s house. I told my parents that it’s over with Oliver. They were in shock, since this was already my second long relationship they were sure it will last. My father asked me to
go to Oliver and persuade him to stay with me…
I was in such a pain. I occupied myself so that I would not have time to think about him. We met sometimes and he asked me to come back. But I didn’t wanted to. He found himself a woman who he married in half a year. My life started to become hell. I remember all things we talk and I remember him talking about our marriage so… I went once to his place and I asked him to marry me. He answered that I should have some pride. So… one month he wrote a book about me and published it and I went in Vienna again. I was pregnant with Dietrich and married him in one a year. For a christmas of 1998 I met Oliver in a queue in Schoenbrunn where I was working. He introduced me with his wife. He was clearly happy to see me. She not.
Now I have been living in Ljubljana for six years. He still lives there in his house. We met once but I behaved as if I didn’t recognise him. He is still married to this woman. They have no children. Since then I have had three relationships and three kids. And all that is left is this picture in my twitter avatar which he took in the year of 1992 and which just attracts lots of people to me… But this is a lot!

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