Love on distance

I have contact with a man on the internet that feels so close to me. Although I’ve never seen him. He lives almost 1700 km away. Funny but I never felt sad because of that… you know, when you just want to go to see this person. An impulse. He feels at home for me. But I am so careful. It happened to me already that I had an internet romance. And my heart was broken after that. Every love seems totally anew every time. And it feels big. You just know it when it is there. Better… you know it exactly when you cut the communication. It was hurting so much, that we renewed it after three days. These three days were like three years.
We don’t say a lot. And we are not on the internet all the time. Just a few mails in a day. I always ask him something, and he gives me the perfect answer. I am not building any future on that. I know that it would be sweet if he was here nearer to me for real, but I am not pressuring it. I just dream sweetly.
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