Love with words on internet

There are lots of people who use social media for connecting with other people. I mean… to “get” a relationship. I don’t know about Facebook, but I know about Twitter… I found my last boyfriend on the internet in the year 2005. We didn’t see each other, but we loved each other already with our words. We were typing like crazy for whole days long on the internet. I completely forgot about my husband and my three kids around me. I mean… I didn’t neglect them, but all my free time I spent on the computer. I was like electrified , I was in love, I was crazy in love, I was on adrenalin… there was my passion, inside the computer. Since he was an internet profi, he “built” a chat room just for us. So we were talking eeee I want to say typing all the time. Especially when the kids were in Kindergarten or in school.
I didn’t hide that from my husband. For me our marriage was over, since he started to be rude to me and he already hit my child from my first marriage. It was just a question of the time, when I would go away from him. In the beginning of this year it started to be really hard with my husband and with kids. I was the loneliest person in the world. But then I connected with people from my country on the internet. Soon it became a change
like from the desert to the cacophony of words.
I asked the Universe all the time to save me from my rude husband and got the answer. The answer was Ivan. I could never ever imagine I could be saved from this horrible situation that I was in. I was married to an aggressive man, I had three little kids, I had no money, I had no car and I didn’t drive. Ivan would do anything for me. He sent me money. He told me what I had to do, when my husband was rude to me. The ruder he was, the more I was firm, that I want to leave him. After two weeks of “talking” on the internet he told me that we will marry. I mean… we both were married to the someone else… the Universe just knocked at our door to answer our questions. But we had to be on the vibration of our wish, so that we allowed that answer to come and relax. To tell you the truth, I didn’t believe really that I would be saved. I didn’t believe it till Ivan rang at my door. Also my
husband didn’t believe that I would really leave him.
So…when I saw Ivan the first time, I was in a shock, because he didn’t look like my prince on a white horse. But he was sweet, he talked nice and was kind. I felt in love with him, which wasdifferent from falling in love in a phantom on the internet.
We lived together three years. After a few months it started to be boring and overwhelming. We forgot about our marriage. We started to say ugly words to each other. He was jelaous of me and all these stories which I had with men that I wrote about. Every day it was something he resented but he didn’t say aloud. It started to be really ugly. After three years of living together, he disappeared over night. He married someone else. He didn’t wait with her. And I had to pull myself out of this addiction from him and from internet.
When I came on twitter last year, the scene from 2005 and love on internet with words repeated many times. They were so many men who were telling me nice words. I had also some real “relationships” on the internet. By that I mean… “talking” with a person on chat or constantly mailing. It is always painful, soon, when you get under the skin of someone and you want to be physical with him. Normally people are from all parts of the world and far away from each other.
So… the question is… how “far” to go? Should I talk with these men who I meet on twitter or not? Should I answer on their questions? They are all so sweet and kind… But when it starts to be too close, then it starts to hurt…
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