What brought me internet?

What did the internet bring me? If there was no internet, I would still live in Vienna, together with my aggressive husband… Or maybe I would not be alive anymore? I got the internet in the 2002, while I was living in Vienna together with my husbands and my three kids. I always wanted the internet, but I didn’t get it before. As soon as I got it, everything changed for me… In one year I was back in Ljubljana. I would never ever have found a person who would “save” me from this situation if there was no internet. If there was no internet, there would not be my blog. I have at least three books on my blog in Slovenian and one book in English.
If there was no internet, I would never meet so many writers, poets and other amazing people from all over the world on twitter? For me… there is life before twitter and after twitter, likewise… before internet and after internet.
Today I was thinking what would my life look like if there were no internet? Much quieter. I met so many fantastic people, I learned so much from teachers on youtube, I’ve written so many stories on my blog, I’ve seen so many beautiful
photos, I’ve read so many beautiful words… If What did the internet bring me?
If there was no internet, I would read books and do something else. Write my book on a typewriter…
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  1. Tarun komentira:

    Surely Life before and after internet.

    Blogs, FB & twitter and instagram is life now.


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