Uničeno letalo in fotošop

Tako izgleda letalo, ki je sestreljeno z neba.


Oprostite, kje je sled letala, ki je eksplodiralo?


These are pictures of the “bodies” on the ground from Malaysia Airlines flight that supposedly was shot down, even though no video or photograph proof is available showing any smoke trail from the air to the ground. Only a mushroom cloud is visible after the plane landed, if there even was a plane in the air. Please help me to help the government with their fake story. They need a video of an airplane falling from the sky with flames and smoke. I guess the people they hired were not as good as the average Joe on YouTube with video editing.

If you are interested in a job as a crisis actor, check the picture below for your job description. No special makeup, fake blood, or Twister poses necessary. Just lay down like you ate a big lunch, and rest. Sorry, you can’t tell your friends what you do for a living, but it’s worth a free house from the government just like all the Sandy Hook actors received, isn’t it?

Fotografija: **NO WARNING NECESSARY**  **ALERT**-Bad Actors On The Ground. Fake Passports
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